With less than two weeks until the premiere of Big Brother 11, the rumor mill is well underway. Here's a roundup of the latest internet gossip for this season:

**Update**--the bb11 houseguests will be revealed July 1, 2009.

**Update**---Latest from Corneroffice at realitybbq---"The 12 House Guests who haven’t been in the house before will be sequestered on Sunday." hmmmmmmm............CO also says there are not two 'identical' houses. Check out inside the house videos

**Update**...more from corneroffice at realitybbq on the twist:

The theme throughout the house this year is said to be called “The Have and The Have-Not’s”.

Now to much talked about High School theme that has caused various rumors to spread out over the internet. Here is how it will work:

Big Brother has cast people who they believe represent some typical high school stereotypes. However, it will not be Big Brother pairing them up. Once they enter the house, they will be told to form the cliques themselves – Big Brother will not force them together like Big Brother 9. In other words, Big Brother could have cast someone that they see as a Jock but the houseguests could decide that they are a “geek” instead.

CO says the 'stereotypes' will be populars, jocks, brainiacs and outcasts.

Once these cliques are formed, they will play as teams for a while, but they will eventually split off into individuals and play the Big Brother Game by themselves.

Allison Grodner said in a recent radio interview the bb11 cast had been chosen and something new on premiere night is 'unprecedented'.

The twist this year unique yet relatable.

On that note, corneroffice is back at Reality BBQ with inside information and had this to say about the twist: "As far as the twist, I’ll ask you a question. What clique were you part of in High School?"

Reality Blurred reports that he's heard the houseguests will be divided into two 'tribes' somewhat like Survivor and could be similar to the Dutch version of Big Brother, which divides the house into two groups that battle each other out, even to the point of being able to challenge the 'captain' of the group at any given time.

The big brother 11 house will be eco-friendly---it's gone green.

Also message board rumors there could be two houses.

The bb11 houseguests will enter the house July 5th, according to Corneroffice.

July 16th-first live eviction.

More details about the house will be released June 29th.

Live Feed News:

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New Big Brother Talk Show with Chelsia from BB9 will be on RealPlayer as well as former big brother houseguests popping in to connect with big brother fans in chat. Check out Amanda below:

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