After the live show, things are heating up in the big brother house. Here are some highlights:

The 'vote out Chima' team is trying to figure out who bailed on them.

Chima jumps all over Michele, telling her she knows she voted against her. Screamfest.

Ronnie tells Jessie, Natalie, Russell that he was the one who forced the tie vote and played the other side of the house...they all are glad Ronnie's on their side. (so sneaky he's scary basically they say)

Ronnie tries to make some of the other houseguests (laura, Jordan, Jeff) think that Michele was the bailed on the vote out Chima team. Later, Laura and Jordan tell Michele that Ronnie was trying to blame her. (He's gonna tell one lie too many very soon....)

Ronnie tries to tell Michele that Casey was the one who bailed on the vote and suggests using that as a reason to get him nominated. Michele is weary of doing that.

Casey says he'll know if Ronnie's telling the truth when he sees his nominations--he asks him if they are all safe and Ronnie says yes. (Laura, Jordan, Jeff, Michele, Casey)

Jordan is sure she will be going up as is Jeff.

Laura knows in her gut that it was Ronnie who bailed on voting for Chima. Chima tells the athletes and Ronnie that Laura knows and Ronnie gloats at playing the game.

Casey is frustrated that he made a wrong move in voting for Chima.....Kevin tells him he tried to tell him not to do it.

Ronnie says America probably hates him, Jessie says no, they're eating this up.....

Ronnie trying to tell Laura, Jeff, Jordan that it would be best not to put up an athlete. He doesn't want to make them mad. He tells them he'd rather take a chance at backdooring them. He's talking down to them.

Gah, Ronnie is trying to call out Casey now in the backyard---insinuating that he may have been the one bailed on voting out Chima. Casey says I told Chima to her face I was voting for her and pissed off my two team mates (Lydia and Kevin)---'why would I do that if I didn't vote for her to be evicted!?!?!" Ronnie says in his experience the one who does the most finger pointing is usually the one most responsible. Casey smiles and agrees. (Ronnie has been finger pointing all night long and it is going to be a long long week with this guy in charge)

Ronnie tells him to think about things....or he'll find himself on the wrong side of him.

Ronnie storms off; Casey says, "We call that laying the ground work......"

They are all now positive it was Ronnie who didn't stick to the plan of keeping Braden.

Inside the house now.....Natalie, Kevin and Chima are arguing with Laura and Jordan over the vote. N, K and Chima keep telling them that because they voted for Braden to stay they supported racism. The two try to tell them that they supported their team mate and aren't racists. They say no you are not racist but you just supported it by voting to keep him in the house. On and on they go..............Natalie, Kevin and Chima keep telling them they were played, betrayed and were working with a rat. (give it some time there, N, K and C---this is only week one, you'll be played and betrayed yourself soon!)

Doesn't look like this drama will stop anytime soon---check it out yourself with live feeds free trial.


  1. Mia // July 17, 2009 at 1:02 PM  

    Ronnie is about the dumbest brainy person I've ever seen. He's imagining himself as diabolical as Russell and Jessie over there. In reality he'd be a lot smarter if he got rid of one of those freakin' atheletes (Jessie, Russel, Natalie). I hate them all! Anyway, the off beat are in a good position, lying low kind of, except seriously calling the popular girls racists because they are going to support their team member! If everyone were a little more clear headed there would be no question that ROnnie supported Chima. She's on his freakin' team - hello! I think Casey, maybe Michele, should just fly under the radar and win this thing. If not one of those damn jocks will take it. God! And I thought Big Brother 10 was Obnoxious! =-X

  2. sandra // July 17, 2009 at 11:50 PM  

    I totally agree.... Can not stand the athletes....Russell,Jesse and more so natalie... Just wait until they see this later.... I hate disloyal people regardless of the money.. what happens if you dont win and people see what you would do for a buck

  3. Alex // July 23, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

    I CONCUR! This is EXACTLY like high school. Ronnie is the nerd who befriends the athletes-thinking that they have his back-- which they don't. Everyone who is an athlete is playing for themselves. Ronnie claims he's playing for himself when in reality, he knows he's screwed if he doesn't have support. Go Casey and Jeff!