Post HOH Competition......... (Updates/Winner here)

*Kevin won $5,000. (one of the envelopes in the HOH comp)
*Lydia won a tv.
*Jordin drew the 'have nots' out of a hat after her envelope gave her the power to pick the have nots for the week. On slop and in the have not room this week are Kevin, Jessie (not at all happy about it) and Natalie (she's has a slop pass and says she's not taking a shower all week, but to be honest, she rarely takes one anyway---about every three or four days).
*Lydia's not going to like it that Jessie and Natalie are sleeping in the same room. She won't be able to sneak in there. She said she would do the have not thing after Jessie pitched a fit when his name was drawn. Kevin told her not to do that.
*Jessie's being extra nice to Russell and Jeff.
*Natalie and Jessie say they wish the cliques were still in tact; they would be safe. They are stressin' a bit over both the mystery power.

*Jordin officially announced the have nots and said it was starting tonight; Natalie and Jessie were not happy that it was starting tonight/every other have not group has started on Friday.
*Jessie's neck is killing him because he had to watch those guys for four hours. (his words)
*Ronnie asks Chima if Jeff made a deal with Russell to keep him and Jordan safe. She says yes; she also tells him that Jeff wants him out so that could have been part of the deal as well. While Russell did say that was who he wanted out, it wasn't part of the deal. The only deal was that Jordan and Jeff would be safe.
*Ronnie's talking to the cameras trying to get viewers to vote for him to have the mystery power. He says he'll use it 'wisely'. He has just about convinced himself he has already won it.
*Ronnie says if he gets the power, (and it's to evict someone---his words/they don't know what the power is)---he would be more than happy to evict Jeff. He's repeating that to anyone who'll listen.

*Lydia says she's upset about how Jessie's treating her. She's been very quiet and spending time alone since the hoh comp.
*Jessie tells Natalie about Julie's questions---when he tells her about the 'do you think they are playing you' question--Natalie says did you say, 'not Natalie'!! He says he didn't want to draw more attention to her because of him/tried not to answer most of them--he didn't even want to tell her about the questions because he knew she'd get mad at him. She's frustrated with him and says, "you really think I wouldn't support you?"
*Lydia wants to shave her head now.

*Ronnie is campaigning for votes already and he isn't even on the block yet.

Russell shows his HOH Room...
Sweet letter from his Dad...
None of the hg's want to leave the room --everyone's just sitting there. (who will win out the wait?) All want to talk to him one on one.
Kevin forgot he was a have not and popped a piece of candy. Jessie did not take that well and said if BB didn't say anything, he would eat a piece of pizza and say he forgot. (the bb10 Jessie has arrived)
Jeff's gone to the DR and said goodnight.
Chima finally says she's going to bed /this is getting awkward. Other start to follow.
Kevin and Lydia and Jordan are still there. Jordan says she finally gets to hang out in the HOH room.

Jordan says she wants HOH.
Lydia says stop; we know you're safe this week.
Jordan says what?
Kevin chimes in they know she's safe.
Jordan says she's had so many deals fall through, she doesn't trust them any more.

Ronnie asks Russell what deal he made with Jeff.
Jessie tells Russell he's going to lose it because he's on slop.
Ronnie tells Jessie that Russell told him he wasn't going to nominate him.


  1. missriss80 // July 31, 2009 at 3:07 AM  


    IMPORTANT NOTICE -- All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience

  2. Guest // July 31, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

    VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ;) ;) ;) ;)

  3. billmarsha55 // July 31, 2009 at 3:03 PM  

    That little turd Ronnie needs to have his ass booted
    this week. Russell can't be that stupid to think Ronnie will ever cover his back. That little turdling
    is the most accomplished liar in the history of Big Brother!!!

  4. Guest // July 31, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

    :* :* :* :* :* :* :* go Jeff go !!!! :* :* :* :*