The POV players have been chosen for this week's competition. Half the house still thinks the backdoor Ronnie plan is still a go, but Jessie's hoping to backdoor Casey. Playing in today's veto competition are:

Jessie, Jeff, Jordan, Chima, Michele, Casey

Winner of POV: See below!

Other news in the house....Natalie wanted to be the host of the POV competition--Jessie didn't want her to be. Natalie said, "As co-HOH, I should have some choices and benefits." Jessie reminded her he was the HOH.

Sex in the BB11 House: Lydia worked extra hard last night to keep herself off the block by having sex with Jessie. Lydia said to Kevin yesterday (when she confided in him she'd been giving Jessie hand jobs)-- 'using sex as a weapon, I'm all about it' to further herself in the game. More details soon or check it out on the flashback feature around 3:30am/bbt this morning.

The POV winner was Michele. Casey wearing a banana suit. Casey won a margarita party for the house.....the have not's cannot participate in the party. (the brains--Chima will pitch a fit)

Who will Jessie put up as the replacement nominee?? Many think he'll put Ronnie up.....but Jessie's target (he claims) is Casey. Jessie has asked Michele who she wants up in her place (again, trying to push it off on someone else besides himself).....Michele wouldn't answer.

More updates coming soon!