Just prior to the nomination ceremony, Ronnie was starting to get very nervous. Jordan, Jeff and Laura say if Ronnie nominates two of them, then tries to tell them he intends to backdoor Russell, they'll know he is lying and playing them. Russell expresses his concern about Ronnie to Jessie---he doesn't trust him and doesn't like the way he's walking around the house like he's the man.

Ronnie nominated Laura and Jeff for eviction.

Russell is talking with Ronnie in HOH. (He's relieved he wasn't nominated)
Jeff's alone in the kitchen.
Michele is talking with Laura and Jordan--Laura says she's ready to go home but will still fight for the POV. Jordan feels stuck in the middle.

Kevin, Lydia, Chima, Natalie are in the red room.

For now, the target is Laura.

Russell talking with Ronnie about Jordan. Russell says Jordan needs to understand that Ronnie has a family and is trying to win the money. (???) He volunteers to talk to her for him. Ronnie really doesn't want Jordan to be upset.

Oh....and Ronnie's tweet last night as the new HOH was
"I am a rather unpredictable person and I promise if I have my way this house will be upside down before the week is over."

Still on the lookout for that unpredictable Ronnie.........

More post nomination ceremony:

HOH Bedroom--Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Kevin, Lydia want to know why Casey is acting so confident all of a sudden. Ronnie tells them he told them he was safe. For now, they're ok with that.

Ronnie tells them he wonders how Michele made it on the brains team. Jessie and Ronnie mock her.

Ronnie tells Jessie if he gets to pick his POV Player, he will pick him.

Natalie wants to know who Ronnie will put up as a replacement nominee if Laura or Jeff win POV. Ronnie says he doesn't know.

Ronnie says Casey is just looking for a friend. Natalie and Chima do not trust Casey.

All talk about who they want out of the house--Natalie wants Jeff out; Chima wants Michele out: Lydia wants Casey out ......Jessie's staying quiet.

In the kitchen:
Russell is talking with Michele. She says she's not happy with the nominations. Russell continues to really try to make conversation with her. Michele giggles alot, but is communicating. Russell tells her that the one person he knows wants him out of the house is Jeff and that their argument should stay between the two of them. (he thinks everyone's taking on the argument as their own) Small talk between them continues and Russell tells her to give him a yell if she gets bored.

Laura and Jordan talking about staying in the game.

More updates coming soon........

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