Julie Chen and Allison Grodner had the first look at the Big Brother 11 houseguests this morning on the CBS Early Show. Here's the list---more to come including pictures and videos througout the day:

Grodner says the 'eye candy' contestants are:
Laura, 21, bikini model---Laura says, "I'm not really worried about tempataion, I'm going to be the temptation."
Braden, 28, surfer---Grodner describes him as 'gorgeous, self-absorbed, California surfer boy'
Other big brother 11 contestants include:
Kevin, 29, graphic designer, describes himself a 'extra fabulous'
Lydia, 24, make-up artist, loves tattoos and is bisexual
Casey, 41, 5th grade teacher by day, DJ by night--he says he thinks he'll do well in he competitions as long as his knees hold out.
Jordan, 22, waitress, says she isn't going to trust anyone and if she has to use a guy to get her way through the game, she will.
Russell, 24, mixed martial arts fighter
Natalie, 24, Tai Kwon Do Champion--says she won't go out quickly in the endurane competitions.
Jeff, 30,ad salesman--single
Chima, 32, freelance journalist says she has no problem telling little white lies--could be the diva of the group from first glance/comments.
Michele, 27, neuroscientist
Ronnie, 30, gamer---he can name in order every single big brother houseguest and how they were evicted and why from season one.

Much more to come!

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  1. Guest // September 14, 2009 at 10:27 AM  

    How will we know what happens with Jeff and Jordan after the show? They are so cute together!!!