Watch Big Brother 11 on SuperPass. Can't see on TV

Big Brother 11 starts tomorrow, which means the early bird discount for the Big Brother live feeds ends TONIGHT. Details below:

Some of the bb11 live feed features include:
Everything You Can't See on TV...Live video feeds from inside the Big Brother house
Full Access...4 simultaneous house cameras so you don't miss any behind-the-scenes action
Community...The most enthusiastic Big Brother fans meet here in chat-rooms, message boards and blogs.

There's also a new big brother talk show with BB9 Chelsia and big brother mega fan, Missy, called "Express Lunch" that will air on the live feeds Thursdays and Fridays at 12pm/pt

Former BB houseguests will be dropping into chat throughout the season.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Early Bird Offer-Sign me up!

New features:

RealNetworks has been busy enhancing SuperPass to include more compelling content. They have also given a face lift to the software to allow for greater benefits to Big Brother 11 viewers. Some of the new features include:
FLASHBACK - Go back to any moment you missed in the Big Brother live feeds, including all of season 10
New Video Presentation - Watch the Quad Cam OR get 4 simultaneous video feeds in addition to the main camera
New SuperPass Content - SuperPass now includes shows from The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and TLC including Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, Dirty Jobs, Meerkat Manor and Mythbusters.

Mac Users and Canadian Users use links below:

Mac Users, Watch Big Brother Now

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  1. Guest // September 9, 2009 at 6:18 PM  

    i think that natalie should and has to be back doored because lets face it she relys on everyone to carry her throughout the game and she doesnt deserve to win 50,000 25,000, or 500,000 if anyone deserves any money its jeff but hes gone because jordan made him do all the dirty work and she should be gone jeff should be here because he played the game the right way and all of the other players played dirty!!!! But no final three is natalie, jordan, and kevin the ones that should be there are jeff, michele, and kevin so i hope that kevin winns all of the money and if he were smart he would take jordan to the end instead of that lying cheating girl that lied about spending time with her fiance!!! please vote for jeff, michele, kevin, or jordan to win best player!;:o :) *DONT_KNOW*