Only a few more minutes until the live show! The big brother houseguests were just told not to dress up, which means the HOH competition tonight most likely will be endurance, as suspected.

Jordan's practicing her speech for tonight....Casey has said he's going to have an epic speech with a few zingers (hopefully he'll go through with it).....Jeff's asking Jordan if she's ready to win this HOH competition. The two know they need to win to stay in the house and switch things up this week.

Live show results (voting/eviction) plus the big announcement will be posted here soon followed by HOH endurance competition updates.

Live Show Highlights:

Julie announces the cliques are done--the houseguests will be on their own and there will be a new power in the house that America will have some part in...... stay tuned!

Julie asked Lydia and Natalie about their tension and what was causing it--neither would admit it was Jessie. Jessie looked extremely uncomfortable during the questions.
Jessie told Julie in the HOH room interview that both relationships with Nat and Lydia were platonic. (not true--with Lydia) He pleads the fifth when asked who he'd rather be stranded with on a desert island.

Jordan and Casey give their speeches; Casey warns the houseguests not to trust Ronnie the Rat and self absorbed Jessie and encourages them to make their own decision/stop following those two-----or they'll be sitting where he is.


Jeff votes to evict Casey
Ron votes to evict Casey
Natalie votes to evict Casey
Chima votes to evict Casey
Russell votes to evict Jordan (says he's staying true to his word)
Michele votes to evict Casey
Lydia votes to evict Casey
Kevin votes to evict Casey

Casey is evicted by a vote of 7-1. (sorry banana man)

Casey tells Jessie his word is mud.....he gave him his word and went back on it. Natalie starts in on Casey.......he tells her she's not in the conversation and asks her if she's Jessie's pitbull.

Casey goes out guns blazin'........good for him.

Julie tells the houseguests the cliques are over. She also tells them one of them will be given a 'mystery power'---America will decide who gets this power.

What's the mystery power? The "coup d-etat"---during the next two evictions; the winner of this power can overthrough the HOH before the live eviction and replace one or both of his/her nominations.

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