BB11 Spoilers: Fight Night

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Lots of fights last night in the big brother house! Here's the rundown--you can watch them all with the flashback feature on realplayer:

Chima/Russell/Michele---(10:15 BBT)---Chima goes to HOH to ask Russell about the things Michele has been supposedly saying about her. Chima says, "how do I know you're not the one who is lying?" He says he isn't. He tells her that Michele said Chima wanted to backdoor Russell (she did when Ronnie was HOH) and that Chima wanted an all girl's alliance. Chima says let's get Michele and squash this because I never said any of that. Michele comes up. Chima tells Michele what Russell just said about her wanting to backdoor him. Michele says 'that's not true.' He can't believe she's saying she didn't say anything. Michele insists she never said anything about Chima wanting to backdoor Russell. Michele says, "why would I say that?' ---Russell say you just now told me that. She says she said there's possibilites that anyone in the house might want to backdoor you. Russell asks her if she told him that Chima wanted the girls to team up; Michele says no, I never said that. A little screaming from Chima saying she never said any of that; Michele says she was just speculating. Chima says she suspects Russell is the liar. Russell tells Michele she never tells the truth. Russell walks out. Both girls follow screaming. Chima gets in Russell's face---screaming continues between them. (so much for the Michele/Russell team)

Russell/Chima outside: Russell and Chima continue their screaming fight to the backyard where the other houseguests are. Chima says, "He lies about everybody; this motherf**k*r is full of sh*t!" Continued screaming in each other's face. He tells her to act her age as she's going back in the house. the bathroom, Chima's still talking with Kevin, Lydia, Michele, Natalie and Jordan about Russell lying. Lydia tells her that Russell said Chima's mad and jealous because he said no to her advances/he likes his women white and blonde. Chima's screaming again. (she can't believe he thinks she likes him) The other houseguests are doing exactly what they did when Ronnie was HOH---comparing notes, saying Russell told them the opposite things to get all of them angry with each other---same song, second verse. They then start speculating that Ronnie and Russell have an alliance. (they try to figure out why Russell put Ronnie up though.....they really are overanalyzing everything)

Kevin/Ronnie 11:15 bbt- Ronnie comes out of another room and says he'd be happy to set the story straight. Kevin says he asked him point blank about what was going on with him and Russell. Ronnie says 'you never asked me anything, you're lying' They all start laughing. Kevin reminds him of their conversation; Ronie says he doesn't remember it at all. Lydia says 'selective memory with the males in this house.' They all continue to question Ronnie about his 'alliance' with Russell. Ronnie claims they never had one and he is going home this week. They all say they want Russell out now. Kevin says he knows that Ronnie and Russell were having secret conversations and shows everyone what he saw between them. (how they were sneaking around to talk)

Ronnie starts yelling and cursing at Kevin saying "Since you're big on analogies, let me throw you this f*cking analogy right now and if you say otherwise, YOU are a liar---Kevin jumps up, screams at him says he's nothing but a liar. Continued screaming face to face between them.

Ronnie starts saying that Kevin chest bumped him and that's aggressive physical behaviour. Everyone takes up for Kevin. They tell Ronnie that he riled Kevin up by cursing and yelling at him. Ronnie says, 'when???' and says he didn't do anything. Lydia replays what happened and Ronnie looks at her 'puzzled' ......Kevin says he never remembers anything.

Later, Ronnie goes to the DR and tells them Kevin chest bumped him. They tell him they will review the tapes. Ronnie comes out whailing and crying----although he does seem upset, there aren't any tears:

The next fight is between Chima and Russell, which starts when Chima throws water in Russell's face, even though bb discouraged her from doing so:

Chima/Russell fight----

Chima: So, I've been hitting on you. Is this what you're telling people? (he ignores her) Oh, you're not gonna talk now?

Russell: No, actually I have a good job that I want to keep.

Chima: You already said it, just repeat it.

Russell: No....

Chima: 'throws water in his face' and yells 'f*ck*r'

Chima walks away, Russell attempts to throw water on her....she says, you missed, motherf*ck*r.

Russell comes inside screaming---Chima screams back:

Russell: So you don't mind me telling everyone you said to put the towel by the mirror in the HOH room.....(repeats) you can f*ck me, right?

Chima: That had nothing to do with me! You said you wanted to masterbate, I was giving you a hint.

Russell: *clapping*...Great excuse, great excuse!

Chima: *laughing* I was giving you advice because you're sexually frustrated obviously.

Russell: No, weren't saying that so you could give me a blow job up there?!?!

Chima: *turns to other houseguests and screams* IS HE KIDDING!?!?!

Russell: Sure.......sure.

Chima: Are you out of your mind!? You are seriously out of your mind; I never said that.

Russell: You said, 'if you put a towel over the mirror, 'we' could go in the shower.'

Chima: You wish, you effin' wish!!!

Russell: You gave me a kiss, who's the one that gave me a kiss? On the bed.

Chima: "crazy!" over and over.

Russell: You leaned over said good night Russell and kissed me--I didn't kiss you, I didn't kiss you, I didn't kiss you----remember that!

Chima: You're just mad cause nobody wants your ass---

Russell; Why did you kiss me then?

Chima: I didn't kiss you.

Russell: I can't wait to get out and see the tape of this. (her kissing him) You're gonna look like an idiot.

Chima: I never look like an idiot but you're gonna look like a paranoid, schizophrenic, crazy mother f*ck*r

Russell: I have class

Chima: You don't have class; you've never had class in your life

Chima: Everyone knows you have know class

Russell: Right because now Chima's the all knowing emperess and is going to tell everyone about everything. Go ahead Chima, tell them who gave the first kiss.

Chima to Kevin: That's all he has, that's all he has

Chima to Russell: You're a liar and everyone knows it

Chima: You're ears are closed up and ugly as hell ; You're an ignorant m-f*c*er and you need to go back outside and play your pool game by yourself.

Russell: If my ears are closed up and ulgy, maybe you should use your big ass lips and go suck some dick right now That's all you're good for is talking and sucking dick! (he repeats it) That's all your good for.

Chima: aw, that makes you look very classy.

Russell: At least I'm not a 34 year old has been, who is still single, between jobs

Chima fakes tears and says: I'm so hurt---between jobs? Do you even listen?

Chima runs and gets all the way up in his face and screams, "Get the f*ck outta my face!!"

Natalie pulls Chima away from him; Kevin tries to get her to stop.
Chima goes back for more.
Kevin pulls her away

Chima to Russell: small dick, m-f*ck*r!

Russell: Oh, really and you would know that? And you would know that.

Chima; that's why you act like that, you're short and you have a short dick....

Russell: Did you grab it?

Chima: You wish!

Russell: You did actually grab it in bed

Kevin again tries to get her to stop.

Chima continues to yell

Russell: You said 'if you win this HOH, Russell, I'll give you a massage in your room'

Chima: OMG! I never said that.

They start repeating the towel conversation above. They both say they are glad it's all on tape.

Chima walks towards him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Russell says, 'don't touch me, don't touch me, get your effin' hands off me.' He pushes her hands off of him. Chima starts screaming don't touch me. Kevin gets in between them. Natalie and Michele pull Chima away. Jeff tells Russell to come on, let's go outside. Russell starts clapping and yelling as he walks away, Chima comes back screaming 'don't touch me'---they continue screaming. Kevin pulls Chima back, Jeff pulls Russell outside.

Kevin comes out of the DR later saying he got the 'stay three feet away' speech; Ronnie was called to the DR for the same speech. All houseguests that were involved in any fight were sent to the DR for reminders on rules.

Note--Jeff and Jordan stayed out of the line of fire throughout all of this. After the first Russell/Chima fight in the backyard, Jessie hid in the 'have not' room and never came back out. (Chima wonders why Jessie takes up for Russell all the time but runs when there's any bit of drama) Lydia joined Jessie after the Kevin/Ronnie fight in the bathroom.

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  1. Fairviewsue // August 5, 2009 at 10:38 AM  

    Did this happen after the POV ceremony?

  2. bbinsider // August 5, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

    Yes the fights were after the pov ceremony (not immediately after)

  3. Big Daddy // August 5, 2009 at 6:11 PM  

    That Chima is a real "B". I hope America gives the power to Jeff or Russell. Wouldn't that show that croud a thing or two? 8-)

  4. Zee // August 5, 2009 at 10:06 PM  

    man they better show all of thin on t.v. tomorrow!! :-D
    if not i would be sooo pissed >:o

  5. Lizzy // August 8, 2009 at 10:55 AM  

    Who's saying the truth Chima or Russel?

  6. bbinsider // August 8, 2009 at 12:29 PM  

    For the most part, Russell was the one telling the truth. Chima was coming onto him and she told him not to hang out with Lydia. She also got mad at him because he made a comment about another girl (not in the house)---He started telling Jeff/Jessie that she was acting like a jealous girlfriend and he didn't like that. He also told Lydia, Michele and Natalie that. Word got back to Chima that he was saying that so she tried to flip it around to make it look like he was telling her not to talk to people (Ronnie).......but it was Chima who was appearing interested in him (remember on one of the shows, she said he was hot). Russell was just playing the game. (on the feeds)

  7. Guest // September 6, 2009 at 7:55 AM  

    Well on the third or second night russell was the one flirting and getting frisky with chima,so she is not lying she keep turning him down telling him he's too young but russell continued and I guess she gave up and started flirting back.but russell made the the first advances and then he started saying he wasn't attracted to her when I counted him on different days calling her gorgeous about four times. :-E