Here's the latest on where things stand in the big brother house:

*The "last minute lie" is working---Jeff and Jordan have been second guessing their alliance with Russell and Michele. (the last minute lie is the lie Natalie came up with---she had Kevin tell Jeff he heard Russell say he was going after Jeff next week and that Russell/Michele have a final 2 deal) Jordan and Jeff have been spinning their wheels going over and over 'who' to trust. They almost decide to change alliances and include Kevin and Lydia instead of Michele and Russell.

*Michele hasn't helped matters---when J/J asked her about the 'lie' she did what she ususally does and said she wasn't sure what was said, couldn't remember (even though it never happened). She did tell J/J that she and Russell they have a final 2 fake deal and even eventually said Russell did say he was coming after Jeff next week. (he didn't) Jeff doesn't trust Russell because of his vote to keep Jessie so the last minute lie was easy for him to believe.

*Jeff and Jordan talked to Natalie about Russell/Michele. They ended up making a deal with her to keep her in the house this week. Natalie told them she had never broken her word in the house and gives them her word that they would be safe next week if she wins HOH. She told them if she stayed she would be going after Lydia/Michele, not J/J. Natalie also confirmed the last minute lie......Jordan tells Natalie almost all of her concerns with Russell. (jeff later tells Jordan she shouldn't tell everything) Jeff tells Natalie, 'you're safe with me' and to keep it quiet. Natalie says she'll prove her loyalty to them.

*In HOH, Jeff and Jordan say they do better when they don't have the power. They are convinced Russell is coming after Jeff next week (since Michele confirmed it)---and now Natalie told them the same story (lml). They do wonder if maybe the 'story' is a lie (or part of their--nat/kev/lyd-- gameplan to stay in the house) at one point because Nat/Kevin's details were so similar. At this point though---they believe the 'lml' and intend to send Lydia home or backdoor Russell.

This will change more times than I can count today, just like it has the past two days. It seems when people get HOH this season, paranoia takes over. We'll see how they feel today about their new deal with Natalie. Jeff is also supposed to talk to Russell to see what he said and where he stands.

Late night talk with Jeff and Jordan:

Jeff---" I know it's stupid or naive this late in the game to believe....but I want to believe Natalie."
Jordan ---"I believe her!"
Jeff---"Me too, but it's so hard because of the position they are in."
Jeff--"Who do I trust---Natalie, who's never lied but I've never talked to her? Or Russell who's talked sh*t and gonna stab me in the back?"

Morning in the BB House:

*Natalie tells Kevin she made a fake deal with Jordan and Jeff last night--she has no intention of honoring it. She tells him that if she stays and wins HOH, she will be putting up Jeff/Michele with Jordan as the backup if needed.

*Russell and Michele have said they are going to talk to Jeff and Jordan (and vice versa) but no talks between them yet.

HOH picture time:

Quick evening update----The four finally talk. Jordan asked Russell if he was coming after Jeff. He said no. She tells him Michele told her that he was going after Jeff next week. Michele is there as well--Russell still says he didn't say he was trying to take Jeff out. Michele claims he said he was. They go round and round. Jeff wants to know which one is telling the truth---Michele keeps saying "I can't remember" anything. Russell does a good job of defending himself calmly this time. (with the Michele thing)---

Jeff goes and gets Natalie and Natalie says she heard Russell tell Michele he was going after Jeff. (she didn't---this is her last minute lie) Then, they bring out Kevin--Kevin confirms the same thing. (he's lying too) Russell tells J/J that he will want to put them up at the Final Four point. (not next week) Natalie and Kevin have Jeff completely snowed on the last minute lie. He has no clue they are working together right now.

However, Jeff doesn't like it that Russell and Michele have a final two deal. (Russell confirmed they did). Jeff said Michele was 'his' ally and he didn't need to be aligning with 'his' ally. Russell explained that he knew Jeff would take Jordan and he was just working out his own plan. (makes sense)

Jeff tells Michele that her stories always end on "I can't remember" or has a different twist when told again. They try to get her to pinpoint something exactly that Russell has said about Jeff. She can't and keeps saying she can't remember. Jeff tells her that when she says that ---it's her way of lying in the game.

Russell steps in and tells Jeff again that at final four he will try to take him out because he doesn't think he has a chance against him with the jury. Both Jeff and Jordan say they understand that.

In the end, they all work it out somehow (Russell ended up looking pretty good there and definitely has learned how to handle Michele's 'I can't remember' moments, Michele didn't come out quite as well)---they promise each other that they will go to F4 together and fight it out then. They all decide to vote out Lydia. (if, of course, she's still on the block after the POV competition)

*For some reason....Jeff and Jordan still believe Natalie would never lie to them. Jeff tells Nat most of what happened with the Michele/Russell talk. She's told she's safe.

Keep in mind the POV competition is still to be played. J/J/M/R do not think the veto will be used.

*Later last night, Jeff and Jordan discuss if the veto is used (finally)---they decide it's best to put Kevin up and vote him out if Nat or Lydia win the veto. (otherwise they plan to vote out Lydia) No plan on what happens if Kevin wins the veto and takes someone down. At this point, Kevin realizes Natalie is playing both sides---he had told her he would take her down if he won veto. Last night, he told Lydia he would take her down once he realized he couldn't trust Nat like he thought he could AND he could go on the block. Everything's live tonight so no chance of talking things out with anyone.

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  1. Guest // August 19, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

    have they played the veto yet?

  2. bbinsider // August 19, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

    Not yet. The Veto competition will be live on Thursday's show.......

  3. Guest // August 19, 2009 at 6:39 PM  

    gnat is a lying biotch.. If she wins, i will never watch this show again... being the person I am and realizing this is a game, it makes me lose faith in people, i must believe that most people have good in them and are not the fake a$$es these are... russell, chima, who I hope will never work again for a major network, due to her racist comments, she needs to be accountable for her actions. Lydia, the cutter.... and kevin WTF.... I can not believe that he went along with the LML, Michele, not sure, but dont want her to win.. I would like to see jordan win this, but with all the BS, who knows

  4. Guest // August 19, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

    My favorire part of Tuesday's show was when Chima thought she would get to sit down in the diary room and the producer told her 'Don't bother, you're leaving this way..."

  5. Guest // August 19, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

    jeff and jordan are in the final two fo sure

  6. Guest // August 20, 2009 at 3:50 AM  

    where is jordan.....does she jus eat candy and hide and let jeff do allthe work...she has not done one thing to play this game.....jeff let her win hoh......and she is not a player she does not deserve any money

  7. Guest // August 20, 2009 at 3:52 AM  

    why is michelle hiding..her fake laugh is irritating..she does not know how to be a real person...oh jordan wants to know whats a tie die

  8. meow // August 20, 2009 at 9:20 AM  

    Michele's memory will be her downfall. I hope Jeff and Jordan smarten up. Any one but Nat and Lydia to win please!!!!!! oh and now Michele because she is acting stupid.

  9. JeffxisxthexBest // August 20, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

    Stupid Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin.
    Which is coincidentally the pattern of who i want out. >_<