It's time for this week's Power of Veto competition. Chima is hosting---she came out dressed in a toga-type outift just before the competition was about to start.

Players in this week's veto comp (8/1) are:

HOH Russell
Nominee Lydia
Nominee Ronnie

'the gossip before veto'----Jessie's extremely worried about the 'mystery power' and wants to win this POV desperately. Natalie's upset she didn't get a chance to play to be safe with the veto. (they talk about how oly the HOH and POV holder will be safe with the new power) He's also been pushing Russell this morning to get Jordan out. (Russell's not going for it---at least for now)

Winner of the POV this week was Michele! Lots more info coming in a bit.

Post comp gossip:

Ronnie wants Chima to convince Michele to use the POV on her.
Russell is irritated with Chima--doesn't like her telling him not to talk to Lydia.
Jessie says Kevin ate a grape during the oov comp and Natalie and he are trying to cause trouble about it.

Michele/Jordan/Jeff align:

Michele outside talking game with Jeff and Jordan (she and Jeff spoke first and he said they'd been together since day one and that hadn't changed/Michele expressed her concerns about Jordan talking too much/Jeff defended her and said she could be trusted)---she assures them she is not keeping Ronnie. She doesn't want him in the jury house. They all three tell each other they will not vote for each other. After all of them expressing how they feel about Jessie/Lydia/Russell/Ronnie and they're all in agreement (don't trust any of them)....they decide they are back in an alliance together.

Michele asks them both what they think of her personally....Jeff says, "I think you're a little off." Jordan says, "I think you're really funny"

They decide not to tell anyone else in the house where her vote is going to go this week. (she's voting out Ronnie) They want the others to sweat it out.

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  1. BigBro // August 1, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

    C'mon Jessie....your role in bigbro is that you always get to go home before everyone else...stop eating all the foods in the house...

  2. bilmarsha55 // August 1, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

    I think it's time for Jessie to "man up" and
    stop being a whiny-ass punk. Leave that crap
    to the women. The only real men in the house are Russell and Jeff!!

  3. Guest // August 2, 2009 at 1:02 AM  

    I am totally in agreement with bilmarsha55. I am soooo sick of Jessie whining about not getting to eat. If he wants to play the game he has to take the good with the bad just like everyone else. And Natalie needs to keep her trap shut. If Jessie needs her to stick up for him he is a bigger wuss than I already knew he was.I can't stand either of them I dislike Jessie more this time around than last. Of all the people who could have come back, why the most obnoxious?

  4. bbinsider // August 2, 2009 at 2:24 AM  

    Wonder what would happen if Natalie and Jessie were on the block together---I'd love to see the dynamics of that situation.

  5. Guest // August 3, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

    me too