Watch Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!

We're getting much closer to the premiere of Big Brother 12 (July 8th!) and it's time for the live feed early bird discount---this season's special is 3-Months (entire season) for $29.99. That's only $9.99 per month---a discount of 4.99/month.

Is it worth it? If you're a big brother fan, then yes, it's worth it---the best thing about the live feeds now is you won't miss anything at all with the flash-back feature....if there's a fight in the bb12 house on the west coast while you're sleeping on the east coast, all you have to do is set the time you'd like to see on the live feeds and you'll catch every moment. (don't worry...if there's something happening in the house, we'll let ya know the time so you can dial it back and watch!)

Some of the other live feed features include:

Everything You Can't See on TV...Live video feeds from inside the Big Brother house
Full Access
...4 simultaneous house cameras so you don't miss any behind-the-scenes action
Community...The most enthusiastic Big Brother fans meet here in chat-rooms, message boards, and blogs

Also, this season, former big brother houseguest fav, Janelle will be on the live feeds joining Chelsie for all the latest happenings in the big brother house.

Join the fun---Watch Big Brother 12 on SuperPass - see what they can't show you on TV and don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest BB12 news and updates!