The first night of live feeds didn't fail to deliver on the typical big brother house drama. There's already a showmance, one houseguest that no one likes at all, the typical self confident alliance that is already making plans for way down the road in the game--they've got this thing in the bag, ya know. (Have these people seen this show? hmmmmmm....) For all the latest live feed info and on!
 BB12 Spoilers ahead:

Who did HOH Hayden nominate? Rachel and Brendon

Who are the POV players this week? Hayden (HOH), Rachel and Brendon, (nominees), Andrew, Enzo and Monet (apparently Rachel pulled Monet's name and didn't hide her disgust or disappointment, which has Annie, Britney and some others talking)

Who has aligned in the house? Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane are making plans for who will be evicted when.

Who do the houseguests think is the saboteur? They all seem to believe it is Andrew. Britney said 'he makes it very obvious'.....even if he isn't the saboteur, none of them like him and are alienating him. Andrew tried to talk to Enzo about it, but Enzo only told him if he wanted to stay he should win HOH next week. Andrew's closest friend is Brendon. Some wonder if Andrew would take him off the block if Andrew won the POV. Kathy told Andrew he shouldn't change the nominations.

Comments around the house:
Enzo swears if he wins POV he will not change the nominations...the HOH should be respected, he says.
Kathy calls them all 'family'....Annie agrees, they say there's no reason to be rude to each other. Kathy calls them all 'her kids'.
Annie is the one who can't keep her mouth shut.....she doesn't stop talking, ever. (which only makes for more great bb drama in the end)
Lane is much more flirtacious than you've seen on tv just yet....
Hayden is staying in the HOH room alot, which will haunt him next week, if history repeats itself.

First showmance of the bb12 season: That would be your nominees....Rachel and Brendon. They aren't hiding it....Britney's not liking it for some reason, but then again, she's not too fond of Rachel at the moment.

Random notes: Everybody loves Hayden, Kathy's arm is bruised horribly from the HOH competition and the luxury comp. She's not been feeling well.

Pre-pov game play: (this Friday morning) Everyone's trying to talk to Hayden. Brendon's trying to get Hayden to use the POV on him if he wins, telling him he will keep him safe the next few weeks. Monet shows up to talk to the HOH, wondering if she will be the replacement if someone comes off the block. Hayden tells her no. Brendon tells Annie that Hayden just wants all the good looking guys out of the house.

POV competition should be today....check back to see who wins and how that will affect the game as it is now.

POV Winner: Brendon was the winner of the first POV competition. He will no doubt take himself off of the block and this will stir things up big time in the house. Brendon was the target this week...the one they absolutey did not want to win POV.....and just as big brother promises; expect the unexpected. Ya just can't make plans in there! POV meeting will be in a couple of days so there's plenty of time for deals to be made.

POV meeting: Brendon uses the POV to take himself off the block. Hayden put Annie on the block as the replacement. New nominees: Annie and Rachel. Annie appears to be the target at this point but she won't go without a fight.......stay tuned.

Saboteur antics: The saboteur told the houseguests that two of the people in the house are lifelong friends.

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