Big big night for Big Brother fans with the first live eviction, the Saboteur reveal AND a new HOH will be crowned, which always send the big brother house into a tailspin. And it needs it......the first week is always sooooooo long in there and everyone kind of settles down, but once the power has shifted to someone new (and hopefully someone who's ready to stir up the house)........everything changes.

The big brother 12 live blog for tonight's episode is just ahead......

Highlights from tonight's Big Brother 12 episode: (7/15)

Cue Julie and the BB music!

Day 13 inside the big brother house brings alliances and showmances...
Nominees: Rachel and Annie

Recap of the veto veto talk:
Britney says Annie is a total psychopath after her comment to her at the ceremony. Hayden says it's time for Annie to go. Brendon tells Rachel she's ok, to lay low and she will be fine. Annie thinks Britney is the one responsible for her going on the block. (but we know it was Enzo and Matt)

Annie walks by and tells Rachel to have fun next week. She then lashes out at Brendon because she feels he's protecting Rachel and not her. Later, she goes and tries to make it up to him.

Matt says, 'the brigrade is running the house....' (his confidence is overbearing......)

Annie starts to cry and says she's embarrassed....Hayden says it hurts him to see her cry in his DR session.

Next scene: Make out session with Hayden and Rachel. In the middle of making out, he starts talking about how he feels bad for Annie, which doesn't go over well with Rachel.

Back to Julie...she tells us that America's prime suspect in the saboteur's identity is Kathy. Is America right?

The Saboteur is.........Annie! (oh shoot......she's most likely leaving tonight)

Annie intro's herself as the saboteur...she shows us what she's been doing:

Padlocked the food door......(had troble getting back into the living room....ran into another houseguest)
A viewer wanted the houseguests photos taped....
Another viewer wanted the beeping device put in the house...

Back to the house recap:
the saboteur shows up and says, "Hayden, nice try, I escaped the block this week." (which sent the houseguests into a bit of a frenzy)

Julie talks to the houseguests:
To Enzo....Julie asks him about slop....he says he wants nothing to do with it.
Julie shows them some clips from the food competition.

To Brendon: Julie asks him about the showmance with Rachel; what attracts him? He says she's intelligent, smart and funny, but can't quite hair all that well.

To Andrew: Julie asks which message from the saboteur surprised you the most? He says the one about two houseguests having a life long connection.

Julie tells Annie and Rachel to plead their case:
Annie says, "Uhm, I want to thank everybody, I've had an amazing time, thrilled that I've met you, and glad you came into mine. As far as gameplay goes, she has one ingredient that I don't have....that's Brendon. She's smart, strong....but he will take her to the end of this game just like Jeff did with Jordan. He has lied to me, making deals with others..lied about his occupation to all of you, he's the strongest competitor in the house.......please, don't think you can get him out later. You're giving the strongest person in the house power by keeping his ally."

Rachel..."I love you guys, it's been great........getting to know everyone. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else. I know you'll make the right decision."

Live Voting:

Monet votes to evict Annie
Andrew votes to evict Annie
Lane votes to evict Annie
Kathy votes to evict Annie
Kristen votes to evict Annie
Brendon votes to evict Annie
Ragan votes to evict Annie (he said unfortunately)
Enzo votes to evict Annie (he says he hates to do it)
Matt votes to evict Annie
Britney votes to evict Annie (she says she's happy to vote her out)

By a vote of 10 to 0, Annie is evicted from the big brother house.

The other houseguests hug her as she walks out, Enzo says he's sorry.

Annie, the saboteur, has been voted out........hmm, what now CBS?

Julie interviews Annie:

Annie says she thinks she's there because she played too hard and put a target on her back. Julie asks her why she stood by Brendon and Rachel when they were nominated....Annie says she trusted Brendon.
She asks her why she thinks she didn't get a vote....

Annie is told by Julie that Kathy was America's suspect as the saboteur....she's surprised. Julie tells her she was one of the houseguests that received the fewest votes from America.

Who does Annie think is the strongest houseguest at the moment? Brendon, she says.....because he convinced all of them to keep Rachel. He will go far, she says.

Good bye messages....
Hayden....'you caused alot of drama, you have a bad temper."
Britney tells her that those flats have to go as well as the silver eye shadow. (meooowwww! Miss Britney!)
Ragan..."annie,'re very charming, your get along very well with people...I think you could be the saboteur"
Brendon..."I think we'll be friends outside the house"
Rachel....(obviously heavily edited)....says, "I'm so happy to see you leave, you tried to come in between me and he would ever pick you over me, pluuuueeeze!"

(The crowd cheers for she responds to Rachel's comments....she says Rachel got her sloppy seconds, since Brendon came onto her first)

Live HOH competition:

The Power is up for grabs...

Competition is called "Majority Rules"
Rules...Julie will be asking a question...when they answer, they need to answer how they think the majority of the group will respond. If you answer in the majority, you will advance. Answer in the minority, you are eliminated. Final question; tie breaker."

Whose life story would make the most money at the box office?
A. Kathy
B. Enzo

The majority thinks Enzo would.
Brendon, Kathy and Kristen have been eliminated.

Who does the majority think would win the Miss Big Brother bikini contest?
A. Rachel
B. Kristen

The majority thinks Rachel would win.
Enzo, Matt and Lane have been eliminated.

Who does the majority believe would put a life size sculpture of themselves in their front yard?
A. Hayden
B. Brendon

The majority says Brendon. Tie. No one eliminated.

Who has more facebook friends?
A. Britney
B. Monet

Majority says Britney. one eliminated.

Who does the majority choose to cheat off during an exam?
A. Ragan
B. Matt one eliminated.

Who would they prefer to pack their parachutes before jumping?
A. Andrew
B. Lane

Majority is Lane.
Andrew is eliminated.

Who is more likely to talk their way out of a traffic ticket?
A. Britney
B. Ragan

Majority is Britney.
Ragan is eliminated.

A female will be HOH.

Tie breaker question:

IN the have/have not many gallons of caramel were in the comp they crawled through?

Britney says 41
Rachel says 80
Monet says 725

The answer is 330. Rachel is the new HOH.

Which means there'll be alot of showmancin' going on in the HOH room this week!

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  1. Steve // September 15, 2010 at 11:05 PM  

    I call BS on Brittany getting favorit fan vote. I think it was rigged cause her house caught on fire and she's got no money. Among my group of friends she was most hated backstabbing lying C word of the bunch.