As expected, the Big Brother 12 season finally was fairly predictable.....a bit surprising how close the votes were between the final two houseguests, Hayden and Lane.  (Voting results below)

Rachel votes for Lane
Kathy votes for Hayden
Matt votes for Hayden
Brendon votes for Lane
Ragan votes for Hayden
Britney votes for Lane
Enzo votes for Hayden

Hayden wins Big Brother 12 by a vote of 4-3.

Other BB12 finale highlights:

Britney arrives at the jury house and tells the other jury members about the Brigade:

Hayden won the final round of the HOH (in a tie breaker)and evicted Enzo.

Enzo thanked everyone including himself:

The houseguests are shocked to find out Ragan was the second saboteur:

Julie Chen reveals the votes:

Britney wins "America's Favorite Player" for the season: (Check out Lane eyeing the card before the winner is announced...cute. And don't miss Rachel's obvious unhappy face when Britney comes her way.)