As expected, Dominic was evicted from the big brother house and now there the HOH endurance competition is underway. Here's the latest:

Adam is out.
Lawon is out.
Brendon is out.
Jeff is out.

Only the five gals remain---Shelly, Jordan, Porshe, Kalia and Dani.

Jordan is out.

Four remaining are Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and Dani.
None of them look to be giving up anytime soon.
Time is now 11pm EST/8pm BBT. 

Shelly says, 'for once my no butt and being tall' is a good thing. All four still going strong.

11:08pm EST--Porsche is out.

11:14 pm/est: Kalia laughs and says, "everyone thought I was so weak."
Porsche and Rachel cheer for Shelly---saying they can't wait to see her daughter's picture.

11:18pm/est: Shelly is out.

Down to Kalia and Dani:

11:26pm/est: Kalia and Dani still swinging.
11:29pm: Kalia is out.

Dani is the new HOH. As she comes down, she says, "and she's back in the game."
Rachel very quietly hands over the HOH key.

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