Update: To view Evel Dick's video about leaving the big brother house; check out RTVZone. Very weird first night on the big brother live feeds last night. Evel Dick wasn't there and had been 'mia' for a few hours according to the other houseguests. Where was he? Apparently, gone. For good.

Dani has the "Golden Key" now, which will keep her safe until the top ten since Evel Dick has left the house. No one knows exactly why. Lots and lots of speculation on the web. Dani was assured it had nothing to do with their family.

The past houseguests--Jordan, Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Dani --are in an alliance Dani named the "Dream Crushers Alliance"---or DKA.

Rachel had nominated Keith and Porsche for eviction. How will Dick's departure impact nominations or eviction this week? Or will it? Stay tuned.

Newbies are still finding their way at the moment. Porsche did say if she stays and wins HOH she will be putting up Cassi, as she absolutely does not like her.

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