The first week on the big brother Live Feeds is usually pretty predictable. The houseguests have been in there a little longer than we've seen them, so most of the really good stuff has already happened. Really--there's only so many times you can discuss which houseguest to evict first. Things will start heating up after Thursday night's live eviction.

Right now, the newbies are still hoping they have the votes to keep Keith and evict Porsche, while the vets feel they have the votes to evict Keith. (vets plus Shelly at least)

Cassi wants Porsche out but is starting to feel the vets may be keeping her to stay.(Cassi and Porsche do not like each other at all)
The newbies are trying, but failing, to stay together as a group.
The big news from yesterday was the Kalia/Jeff/Harry Potter fight. If you missed it, you can catch it on the flashback feeds at 6:46pm on July 12, 2011. It's still causing lots of controversy today on the net. Kalia later said Jeff apologized.

Today, the houseguests are practicing a golf game for an upcoming competition.

Tonight's Big Brother episode will address Evel Dick's departure, plus we'll see the POV competition.

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