The new HOH, Porsche, opened a Pandora's box. On the feeds, she's talked about receiving money for opening it. As always, there's a 'bad side' to opening the box. This time, the six remaining players will now be competing as pairs.

The pairs are Porsche and Kalia.
Adam and Shelly.
Jordan and Rachel.

Which means, if the couple on the block wins veto, the other couple will go up.

Porsche nominated Jordan and Rachel.
POV Winner was Rachel. (it was some kind of hanging competition)
Which means, Rachel and Jordan are safe.
On the block, will be Shelly and Adam.

Shelly spent hours yesterday in the purple room begging the fortune teller statue for a special power. (literally......) Last night, Shelly started trying to get Jordan back on 'team Shelly'.....with her continued lies and put downs of Rachel. (and throwing Adam under the bus)
Jordan assured Rachel that they were sticking together.

POV Ceremony will be on Monday.

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