BB13 Quick Update: 8/8/2011

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Just a quick update for those wondering what's going on in the big brother house. Lots of craziness. That being said, here's a quick catch up.

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel, as you saw on the show last night.
Jeff won the POV.
Since then, Kalia has been trying to decide who to put up in his place. She's bounced back from Adam, Porsche and Lawon from minute to minute. Most of the time, she had plans to put Adam up to ensure Rachel would be voted out. She would not put Jordan up because she had made a promise to her the first week not to ever put her up.

Now....last night, Lawon has come up with what HE believes to be a 'brilliant plan'.
His plan---he volunteered to go on the block.
Then, he is pretending that he had no idea he was going up and is angry.
Problem with that? All the houseguests know he volunteered, as Kalia told Shelly---and of course, word just gets around.
He's denying that he knew he was going up, but Shelly asked Kalia for confirmation.

Lawon then 'plans' to get all the other sides information and plans. (Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, Adam)---
Then, he believes "IF" he happens to get voted out, that he will come right back in and have the power plus all the information in the house and report back to 'his' side. (Kalia, Dani, Porsche)

Told ya.....crazy.

At this point, it looks like Lawon will be voted out. (Voting him out are Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly) No one is falling for his anger ....all find him quite entertaining though.

Porsche and Kalia are now wondering why the vets are so happy and why they think Lawon is going home. Kalia believed she had the votes to keep Lawon. Kalia is absolutely lost in this game at this point.

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