Last night's live show resulted in Shelly being evicted by a vote of 2-1. Kalia, not knowing who Rachel and Jordan were voting for, voted out Adam.

The HOH competition started during the live show---houseguests had to gather as many doughnuts as possible in thirteen minutes by tracking through your typical big brother sticky course.

Rachel won and is the new HOH this week.

After HOH comp:
The houseguests wonder what story Shelly will tell the jury about why she's out of the game. 
Kalia is immediately doing everything she can to get Rachel and Jordan to keep her around, but at this point, Kalia is the target this week.
Rachel swears she will not open a Pandora's Box if she gets one.....we'll see.

Nominations were Kalia and Porsche.

POV Winner was Adam.
He says he will not be using it to remove Kalia or Porsche.
Kalia is basically begging him to use it. He's getting frustrated with her at the moment.

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