Saturday July 14, 2012---Afternoon eavesdropping on the big brother 14 houseguests---

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BB14 Live Feeds--Dropping in on Janelle and JoJo talking in the kitchen....JoJo is telling Janelle that Daniele said she's looking for something to happen in the big brother house--showmance wise and if it didn't she'd just go back to her guy at home. Janelle says she should have been on The Bachelor. Everyone comes to the kitchen so the conversation stops.

--Other bb14 houseguests are out in the backyard either working out or sunning it up, as usual for Saturday.  Random photos from the live feeds this afternoon.

Willie talks to Janelle and Britney about revealing that he is Russell's brother to some of the other bb14 houseguests. 

BB14 Janelle (moves around that house quickly!) and Britney talk about Frank--wondering where his loyalty really lies. They also think they (the coaches) will get to enter the game in a few weeks---sounds like pure speculation on their part. Janelle wants to surprise Dan in the game next week with a game move. (They want him out if they do get to enter the game as players). The two gals talk about how glad they are that they (J and B) are communicating so well.

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