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Wait, you've aligned with WHO!?!?

BB14 Spoiler Update: Britney's talk with Willie has him fired up today---last night she told him her suspicions of the veteran houseguests entering the game to compete for the half million dollars. See all of that infomation here:
 Britney Spills the Beans to Willie

It's still all pure speculation on anyone's part, including Britney's, but that isn't doing much for BB14 Willie; he's called a house meeting with the newbies and wants them all to go against their coaches. Revolt in the big brother house? Attempted revolt.

Here are today's live feed highlights thus far:

Willie tells Boogie something is weird

*Willie got very little sleep and headed straight for Boogie this early morning to 'hint' that he thought the coaches might be entering the big brother game. Willie would say ...'something's weird, some of the coaches are acting like they are playing the game and they aren't in it.....something's weird.' Boogie just says it's been a long HOH week and things will work out. Willie told Boogie he didn't trust Janelle, which made Boogie smile later.....and he told him he was 'with him.' Willie's made about a million so called secret alliances in the house at this point.

*Willie tells Britney she needs to tell the other houseguests about the coaches possibly entering the game. Britney doesn't want too.

*Britney and Willie tell Shane the coach's twist suspicions.

*Britney goes to Boogie and tells him there's a 'rumor' going around that the coaches are entering the game. Boogie basically says he doesn't think so. Britney implies the rumor started with Frank. (it started with her)

Britney tells Willie to stop talking and keep quiet

*Britney goes to Willie and tells him emphatically she will not go down for this rumor coming out. She says everyone will not talk to her and she will be the bad guy. A little tension between the two, but in the end, Willie says okay.

House Meeting for the Newbies

*Willie decides to call a house meeting with the newbies. He tells them they are being played against each other by the coaches and allowing them to make all the decisions. He wants them to play as though they do not have coaches. He tells them there's a possibility that the coaches will start playing the game themselves (says he has an inside source--but again, Britney is the one who told him she suspected it)---tells them they don't need their coaches to play their own game. In short, he wants them all to revolt against their respective coaches.

Joe tells Janelle all about the house meeting

*Joe tells Janelle everything about the house meeting. Janelle tells Joe to her knowledge, the coaches will not be entering the game. Janelle tells him she doesn't have a vote nor does she go to jury house.

*Team Janelle is trying to align with Team Boogie----Joe talks to Frank, Ashley talks to Ian, Wil talks to Jenn. If it happens, they want the alliance name to be Diversity.

*Team Janelle now wants to keep Frank, obviously. Wil and Joe do not want Willie around any longer.

*Willie continues to tell Frank that he can't trust his coach, Boogie. Britney backs him up completely. Britney tells Frank that Team Janelle wants him out.

*Britney tells Willie she's really worried; that she thinks people are after Willie now.

*Willie tells Britney Joe is next to go because he was the only one who was negative in the house meeting. (Joe told willie he was playing too hard, too fast)

*Willie says he has JoJo and Ashley and they are good. (Makes no sense, in reality)

Britney tells Willie she is worried now.

*Joe, Jenn and Frank talk about the alliance they are attempting...sounds like it's a go. Joe says "it's official" ( Janelle doesn't know about this new alliance yet...they don't want to tell her yet because they know she can't stand Boogie) They agree to keep it secret from all but it does come out, they will draw the line in the sand. (sides) Wil walks in and they say they are definitely a six alliance group. (Joe, Jenn, Frank, Wil Ian, Ashley) Now....Willie believes he truly has Ashley in his pocket so the live eviction should be a good one.

New Alliance? Team Janelle + Team Boogie = "Diversity"

*Boogie slept through most of the day, but Ian is now letting him know about the big house meeting Willie called. Boogie seems to find it amusing.

*Coaches Janelle, Boogie and Dan, along with Joe, are laughing outside about Willie's inside source on the coaches entering game. Wow, says  Boogies when is this all happening? ....Joe fills them in on more; Boogie says sounds like someone needs a nap. (referring to Willie)

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