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Shane talking with Kara after the POV Ceremony
Sunday eavesdropping on the big brother 14 houseguests----7/15/12:

Before we check in with the houseguests, a little catch up from over the weekend---(note spoilers ahead)---Kara and Frank are nominated this week. Kara was the intended target before the pov ceremony today. Willie was pushing hard for Kara to stay because Boogie was in his ear about keeping Frank. Just before the pov ceremony, BB14 Joe (welcome to the game Joe) told Willie that Frank told him he would be going after Willie if he stayed. This was the second time Willie heard this so it got his attention this time. (However, Joe just made this up; Frank didn't tell Joe that he was after Willie) Willie talked with Britney and Janelle (who are teamed up this week) and they've decided Frank should be the one to go and keep Kara. Soooo, Willie talked with Kara about keeping his safe next week if she wins HOH; she agreed. No one wants Frank to know he is being targeted for eviction. 

Note: This could change fifty times before Live Eviction night, so check back in and we'll update you on the latest or watch here:

BB14 Spoiler: It was POV Ceremony day in the big brother house ---BB14 Shane was the power of veto holder and he did not use the veto to remove either nominee (Frank or Kara) from the block.

BB14 Frank chillin' but he better watch his back...

Other bb14 house news---Boogie asked Kara out on a date for his birthday (which is tomorrow). Kara turned him down.
However, Ian asked Ashley out on a date for tonight and she said yes. (Date in the big brother house, that is, which will be later tonight and it's a 'slop date' )

Kara turned down a date with Boogie today on the feeds
Kara tells Shane she wants to work with him and Willie. (Shane says he trusts her, but isn't sure he can trust Dan. She says she trusts Dan (her coach) but is still playing her own game.

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