Janelle and Britney's team working together again + Danielle

Quick BB14 update---

Hoh is Shane. 
He nominated Ashley and Joe.
POV winner was Shane.

POV ceremony is today----and at this point it looks like Janelle's team has worked their magic overnight and Shane is going to take Ashley off the block and replace her with Frank, who is at this moment, the target.

Boogie and Frank went to bed last night so they do not know about the plans to put Frank on the block. Unless someone tells them this morning, the drama will be on (the feeds) and will last for awhile after the pov ceremony.  Danielle and Dan are aware of the changes as well and are on board to get Frank out next.

Stay tuned! Will update here after POV ceremony is done. Needless to say, if this goes down, Boogie nor Frank will be happy and Frank will be fighting hard to stay in the game.

After POV Ceremony:

Frank has been put on the block by Shane after Shane removed Ashley.
Shane, Brit and the others are telling Frank that he has the votes to stay.
So far? Frank believes them. As does, Boogie, but he's a bit more skeptical.
Last night, Joe told Jenn that Janelle had worked hard to get Frank on the block. Will Jen tell what she knows today? Stay tuned. 

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