BB14 HOH Endurance Competition Updates

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 As soon as the live feeds are back on we'll start the HOH endurance competition updates........check back!

And they are back. So far, all the houseguests are still in the competition.
Boogie is struggling some, encouraging Ian, telling him this is his contest.

All are still in. Everyone is talking with each other.

7:33 BBT---All still hanging on. Catching a small break from the water.

7: 39 BBT--Joe is having trouble with his left arm, but hanging in there.

7:50 BBT--All still hanging on; Shane encouraging Joe.

8:00 BBT--After one hour in the HOH endurance comp, all houseguests are still in the competition. Lots of chattering about nothing going on in between the water and rocking. 

Waiting for the first houseguest to drop still.......looking like it's going to be a very long night.

8:01 BBT--And it's Boogie--first out of the competition.

8:02 BBT:Followed closely by Jenn.

8:04 BBT: Joe is out

Pizza awaits the houseguests as they fall.

Dan and Janelle whisper...

8:15 BBT--Janelle and Brit stretch it out.

8:28 BBT: Shane is really struggling now. Ian looks absolutely fine as does Wil.

8:36 BBT--Frank and Shane stretching out their arms. Boogie, Jenn and Joe watching everyone and wondering how long this competition will last. No water for awhile now --and just slow rocking. Seems BB wants this to last awhile.

8:48 BBT Ashley is out
8:49 BBT Dan is out

Two hours into the competition now.

9: 09 BBT--Frank is out.

9:30 BBT-- Shane is struggling like crazy, but he's not giving up---fighting hard.

9:37 BBT--- Wil and Shane both are out; they jumped together.

Still going: Danielle, Janelle, Britney, Ian

9: 40 BBT---Janelle is out.

Britney is trying to make sure she is safe with Ian. Danielle tells Ian he is safe is he drops. Ian says ok, but I'm going to play it out.

Danielle wants Dan to give her one of his motivating speeches and he's giving it. Ian then asks for a Dan speech and Dan does the same for him.

10:10 BBT---Ian drops, Britney Drops.

Danielle is the new HOH. (Greeted with hugs from Dan and a kiss from Shane)

 Out of the competition (so far) in this order: Boogie, Jenn, Joe, Ashley, Dan, Frank, Wil, Shane, Janelle, Ian, Britney

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