Live show results for tonight's episode of Big expected.... 

Britney was evicted from the big brother house, by a vote of 4-1. Ian was the one vote to keep Brit. The HoH endurance competition has begun. Before the live show ended both Joe and Jenn fell off their ropes.

Stay tuned for the results of the third endurance comp of bb14:

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Live Feeds back;

Still in the competition: Shane, Danielle, Dan, Ian

7:20 BBT---All four still hanging. Small talk ......Shane says this competition was meant for Britney. Frank and Joe encouraging the remaining players.

7:27 BBT---Danielle has dropped and out of the comp. Remaining players: Shane, Ian, Dan.

7:29 BBT--Dan is out. (it looked like he threw it ....just sayin)

Shane and Ian are talking about who wants HOH the most. Still hanging in there.

7:35 BBT--Shane and Ian talking math, physics, gravity, ridiculousness. Dani puking. Dan laying on the ground watching Shane and Ian spin. Frank encouraging both.

7:40 BBT--Dan moves over to the side; Jen brings him water/towel.

7:43 BBT---Shane tells Ian he is in it for the whole night. However, he then tells Dani his right foot is burning and seems to be struggling.

7; 54 BBT--Both still in it....Dan asked Ian if he has squatted (on the rope disc thing) ---Shane is squatting. Ian says no--he doesn't think it would be beneficial.

8:05 BBT-- Still the same....except Jen is giving Shane advice on how to avoid hitting the boulder, ....this coming from the gal who stayed on all off 5 minutes. Oh, wait. 10.

Note* ---Earlier this week, Shane was intending to throw this HOH competition....he's trying hard to win now. Doesn't want to lose to Ian? Has something to prove since Julie called him out on crying at Dan's funeral? You decide. He sure is breathing hard and struggling much more than Ian, who is talking up a storm about astronomy.

Good God, Someone win this already.
8:20 BBT--Shane and Ian aren't even trying to talk deals. Specifically Shane, ----who keeps squatting rather than standing. Should see them tell him soon to stand up only.

8:22 BBT--These two look a little worried.....looks like Frank will be going up yet again........

Next two to be nominated?

8:35 BBT-- Shane and Ian still spinning.

8:47 BBT--Shane asks the other houseguests to give him and Ian some time alone to talk. Shane asks Ian if he wants it...Ian says yes. Shane wants to know if he and Dani are safe. Ian promises Shane that both he and Dani are safe for this week. Shane drops. Ian is the new HOH.

Ian says, Britney told me I needed to win this one.

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