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You know summer is officially here when big brother premieres----which if you missed it last night---you can check out the full first episode on CBS---Watch Big Brother Premiere Online

So, what's happening in the big brother house the first morning of the feeds? This morning, the house guests are up and getting pretty---expecting their first pov competition today. 

*McCrae has nominated Jessie and Candice. 

*The first POV competition of the season will hopefully be later today (27th) Check back later for details of who is playing, the winner, etc.

Other House Happenings: 

 *Have-not for the week are---Elissa, Judd, Andy, Howard, Helen
*The houseguests had a fashion show.
*Both Jessie and Kaitlin are digging Jeremy. 
*Jeremy appears to be interested in Kaitlin.
*Lots of snuggling and cuddling between the two. (K and J)
*Aaryn and David are flirting alot.
*It seems that most of the house guests suspect now that the Elissa is Rachel's sister. 
*Right now, many of the house guests want Elissa out.(HOH McCrae doesn't seem to want her gone we'll see what happens)


*Elissa was chosen MVP this week.
*Elissa has nominated David.
*POV was played--the winner is McCrae. 
*POV Ceremony--McCrae used the POV to take Candice off the block and put up Elissa.

So the three nominations for week one are Jessie, Elissa and David.

Weekend Chatter in the House:

*Jeremy and Kaitlin continue their snuggling, cuddling and more--she seems really into him, while he seems to be just using her (based on his comments about her to other male house guests!).  

*Amanda kissed McCrae in the early morning hours while he was asleep. Later, McCrae told Amanda that can't happen again. He is not interested in a showmance. Other house guests in the house are super tired of Amanda's mouth--she never stops talking.

*Aaryn---where do I start? She has a thing for David....very possessive of him. If he talks to someone else--female wise--she freaks out--bigtime. Really really strange. 

*GinaMarie is into Nick, but Nick isn't feeling it.

*The main alliance at the moment includes McCrae, Jeremy, Spencer,  Nick and Howard. They call themselves the Moving Company Alliance.

*As of today (Sunday afternoon 6/30)---the plan is to evict David. While initially most people wanted out Elissa, most people now want to break up David and Aaryn. Aaryn (as of today) has no idea that David is most likely being evicted and I hope it stays that way, cause it will make for some great live feeds! This eviction plan could change of course. Check back later to see what the latest house buzz is! Or check it all out for yourself with the live feed free trial:

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