Jeremy in the baby outfit.

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted this week. As you know, Helen is HOH this week and you probably also know that she nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin. 

*The MVP this week is Elissa.

* Elissa has nominated Spencer, although a few people in the house wanted Howard to be put on the block, which caused some temporary friction in the house but that's calmed down now. 

 *The POV winner was Kaitlin. 

*The plan is to put Jeremy up after Kaitlin takes herself off the block. (which she doesn't want to do because she knows Jeremy will be going up-but she will use it unless something crazy happens in the next few hours)

*POV Ceremony--Kaitlin used the POV on herself, as expected, and Jeremy is now on the block.

This week either Jeremy, Spencer or Aaryn will be leaving the big brother house.

 So far, all the house guests are agreed on getting Jeremy out this week, but you know how it goes....plenty of time between now and eviction night, so I'll keep you updated if something changes.

 *Jeremy is actually calmed down and being half way watchable, but no doubt, that's because he knows he is a goner this week. Above, you see him in the baby outfit that was worn by Gina Marie in the pov last week. Kaitlin pitched a fit because he had it on...telling him that her family won't like that he's doing that and it's "super embarrassing". Ironic.She really should worry about what she's done in there--way more embarrassing.She does say 'they've already seen us ...making out' but if they've seen the feeds, there's lot more than making out going on with Kaitlin and Jeremy.

*Aaryn is still being Aaryn. Absolutely no changes there.

*Gina Marie has been told about Nick being in the Moving Company and things he said, but she still thinks only what she wants too. Kinda weird.

*Elissa is having fun this week for a change, which is good. (No pressure on worrying about being nominated or targeted this week)

*The moving company is completely out of business now. Howard is taking some heat for not being honest about it at first. Several people are talking about targeting him for eviction for next week. (Amanda specifically)

Last night, some of the house guests were having some fun time---Helen and Elissa are dressed up acting like they're  Housewives from the Jersey Shore (cute)---here's a few pics:

Judd is awesome; he needs more airtime on the shows!

More later!

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