Judd reading his letter from home

This week Judd is leading the house as he won HOH during the live Big Brother show last Thursday, however---he didn't want to win HOH and was trying to throw it in the tie-breaker. He had a hard time trying to figure out who he was going to nominate but in the end he put Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block this week. MVP nominee will be voted on by America---most likely, that was Aaryn, but since Judd put her up, they'll have to go with the house guest with the second highest votes. Not a clue who that will be, but we should know today. 

Today will be the POV competition---check back to see the winner, plus who the viewers put on the block! More to come.  

Spoiler Updates:

MVP nominee was Elissa--
POV was won by Elissa--which she used to save herself from the block.
The next nominee voted on by America was Gina Marie.
So---nominated this week are Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina Marie.
Who is going home this week? For awhile, they were voting out Aaryn. Then it was Kaitlin.
Now....we'll see...as there's lots and LOTS of drama this week between the house guests--

Update; Looks like it will be Kaitlin leaving this week, unless something major happens today to change that. (Live Eviction tonight)

Other things going on in the house:

*The have nots for this week are Jessie, Andy, Spencer and Candace.

*The house guests have been trying to figure out what the new twist is. 

*Elissa has told most people that she didn't get MVP and that she thinks America will be voting for the nominee this week. Many agree with her.

*Judd made a deal with Gina Marie--if he didn't put her up, she would do what he wanted when it came to the vote.

*Amanda's worried that she will be going on the block as the MVP nominee. That being said, some of the house guests are considering that she would be a good person to get rid of this week to break up her and McCrae.

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