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Aaryn is back in the HOH room this week and so far, it's been a little crazy--not because of Aaryn though...mainly because no one can really figure out who MVP is and all feel vulnerable about going on the block.

Who was nominated? Howard and Spencer.
Who was the MVP nominee this week? Amanda
Who won POV? Spencer won
POV Ceremony Results: Spencer used the POV; Aaryn put Candace up.

So, Howard Candace or Amanda will be leaving this the moment it's still Howard that the house guests are hoping to evict. 

The pov ceremony will be held Monday and I'll update with the replacement nominee, although right now it looks like Candice will be going up in Spencer's place. So far....the house seems to be targeting Howard for eviction, but as always, it's early early in the week so we'll see. 

Amanda's been freaking out quite a bit since being put on the block --Howard has tried to make a case for staying by distancing himself from Candace----Helen has talked a little bit (with Elissa) about getting rid of Amanda, but she thinks it's too early to make that move.

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