Who will McCrae keep in the house!?

Who is going home tonight on Big Brother 15? THAT is the question of the day! Nick or Elissa? 

So much game talk going on the last couple of days on the feeds--and the bottom line is tonight's vote looks like it's going to be up to McCrae---will he flip on the Moving Company Alliance? 

Helen and Amanda, plus Judd, have been working overtime to make sure Elissa stays in the house this week. 

The run down on the voting: 

People voting for Elissa to leave tonight are Spencer, Howard, Jeremy, Gina Marie and Kaitlin (wow, it just took me five minutes to remember Kaitlin---says something about her impact on this game) 
People who say they are voting for Nick to leave tonight are Andy, Judd, Amanda, Candace, Jessie and McCrae 

The question is will McCrae really vote to keep Elissa and leave the Moving Company behind? One can only hope. (on the feeds he seems really excited about the plan to evict Nick)--  This potential blindside would make for some amazing television and some of the best live feed moments ever. 

If this happens, (fingers crossed)---this would be the second week in a row that Aaryn and Gina Marie are out of the loop. That alone is worth watching. 

Other important notes:

*Candace is completely snowed by Howard; she has no idea that Howard is in the moving company alliance. None.

*Last night, the house guests were awakened by sirens/alarms/horns throughout the night --they found different things in the back yard --they need to memorize as much as possible. (probably for the next Hoh Competition)

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