The live big brother show just ended and we saw Howard evicted by a vote of 7-1. (Spencer voted for Candace)

The HOH Endurance competition is currently playing out on the live feeds. (Try them for free and watch it live)

As of now, everyone is still on the log. Spencer is having a very hard time breathing, Helen is struggling. McCrae and Andy are having the least amount of trouble.

And they start to fall:

Spencer is out.
Candace is out.
Helen is out.
Amanda is out.
Elissa is out.
Judd and Andy are out.

Still in the competition are Jessie, McCrae, Gina Marie.

Jessie, Gina Marie and McCrae all still in it.

Jessie is now out.

Gina Marie is trying everything to get McCrae to drop. He doesn't want too. (She's telling him how much she needs her hair dye and other things and telling him that he and Amanda will be safe. ) Right now, he's not interested in making a deal.

Gina Marie and McCrae--last two standing. Both are getting very tired.

McCrae is telling GM that she is safe if she drops. Gina Marie again repeats she needs her hair dye.
McCrae says she'll have no blood on her hands, but GM says she can't win the mental competitions and wants to win this physical one. She offers to let McCrae make one of her nominees if he drops.
McCrae tells her she can name both his nominees if she drops. She says no.

Both still going--

And McCrae falls off!

Gina Marie is the new HOH for the week. She's shocked and very excited and repeats "I love you guys so much" over and over.

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