Tonight on Big Brother, the remaining house guests and the first four jury members are competing in a competition for HoH---the person who catches 10 balls without falling will be the new HOH. 

As of now, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are out. Jessie just fell. 

 Still in the competition are Elissa, Amanda, Gina Marie, and the jury members still in are Judd, Helen and Candace. 

More updates as they happen. Refresh for the latest. 

At the moment, Elissa is in the lead with the most balls.

7:47 BBT-- Update: Ball Count--
Elissa has five
Amanda has four
Gina Marie has three
Judd has four
Helen has three
Candace has two

Helen is filling Candace and Judd in on what's been going on in the house--and who is with who. Helen told them Gina Marie tried to help her this week and keep her and for them to be kind to her.

Elissa, Amanda, Gina Marie, Judd, Helen and Candace still fighting it out.

8:20 BBT--Helen and Candace are out. Judd is the only remaining jury member and will be returning to the house.

8:22--Judd has fallen and out of the HOH competition. (but he is moving back in the house and the game)

Ball count:

Elissa has eight.
Amanda has five.
Gina Marie has three.

Update: Elissa got ten balls and wins the competition. Elissa is the new HOH!

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