It's a Gina Marie HOH this week, which you would think would mean almost anything could happen, but so far, it's all been very, very predictable. 

Nominations: Gina Marie nominated Candace and Jessie for eviction. 
MVP Nominee was Amanda again this week, which she is not happy about, but so far, no one's seriously thinking about getting her out of the house. 
POV Winner was Jessie---
other prizes and punishments during the pov competition:
Spencer--won a Trip
Judd--won five thousand bucks. 
Gina Marie--has to wear a dog medical collar for a couple of days. 
Amanda--has to get spray tanned outside in the backyard every few hours. 
Candace has to wear this year's version of the unitard, which is a clown suit unitard. 

So far, the target is Candace, and with this group, that'll stay that way unless someone decides to make a big move.

 Spencer is expected to go up in place of Jessie as of now. More later!

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