Picking up where we last left off! This week's big brother nominees are Pao Pao and Brittany. Devin wanted Brittany gone. Until the next day, that is. Devin changes his mind on a dime in the big brother house. Now, he's all about keeping Brittany and getting rid of someone else.

 Devin won the POV competition. 

During the POV ceremony, (which the houseguests say is a doozy so don't miss it Wednesday!), Devin saved Brittany and replaced her with Zach. 

Some are saying they will vote out Zach; some are saying they will vote out Pao Pao. The best thing to do? Watch it live for yourself with the live feed free trial! It's crazy in there. New alliances are popping up every little bit.

 I'll update this post with the latest 'who will be voted out' news as I can. 

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