Last night, Aaryn was evicted by a vote of 5-0--the next HOH competition started as the live show was going off the air. 

Who won? Gina Marie! She will make her nominations today---her plan is to nominate Amanda and McCrae, but neither of them have a clue they will be going up. Amanda thinks Gina Marie will put up Elissa and Spencer/Judd. 

Btw, Judd and Spencer are both wearing the chicken costumes:

Should make for some interesting and intense feeds this week! I'll be back with more as the week plays out.

Nomination:--Gina Marie did put up McCrae and Amanda. McCrae went to bed and has pretty much stayed there, while Amanda went straight to GM telling her it doesn't make sense that she would put them up. Gina Marie explained to her that they are a couple and need to be broken up in the game like everyone else. Amanda continued to say, it doesn't make sense and eventually went to bed too.

Today is the POV competition. Check back to see who wins!

POV Winner was McCrae

Tomorrow is the pov ceremony. Amanda and McCrae are still trying to get Elissa on the block. So far, though, the plan is to put Spencer up as the renom--and vote out Amanda. Check back to see if that's how things go down tomorrow!

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Tonight on Big Brother, the remaining house guests and the first four jury members are competing in a competition for HoH---the person who catches 10 balls without falling will be the new HOH. 

As of now, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are out. Jessie just fell. 

 Still in the competition are Elissa, Amanda, Gina Marie, and the jury members still in are Judd, Helen and Candace. 

More updates as they happen. Refresh for the latest. 

At the moment, Elissa is in the lead with the most balls.

7:47 BBT-- Update: Ball Count--
Elissa has five
Amanda has four
Gina Marie has three
Judd has four
Helen has three
Candace has two

Helen is filling Candace and Judd in on what's been going on in the house--and who is with who. Helen told them Gina Marie tried to help her this week and keep her and for them to be kind to her.

Elissa, Amanda, Gina Marie, Judd, Helen and Candace still fighting it out.

8:20 BBT--Helen and Candace are out. Judd is the only remaining jury member and will be returning to the house.

8:22--Judd has fallen and out of the HOH competition. (but he is moving back in the house and the game)

Ball count:

Elissa has eight.
Amanda has five.
Gina Marie has three.

Update: Elissa got ten balls and wins the competition. Elissa is the new HOH!

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It's a Gina Marie HOH this week, which you would think would mean almost anything could happen, but so far, it's all been very, very predictable. 

Nominations: Gina Marie nominated Candace and Jessie for eviction. 
MVP Nominee was Amanda again this week, which she is not happy about, but so far, no one's seriously thinking about getting her out of the house. 
POV Winner was Jessie---
other prizes and punishments during the pov competition:
Spencer--won a Trip
Judd--won five thousand bucks. 
Gina Marie--has to wear a dog medical collar for a couple of days. 
Amanda--has to get spray tanned outside in the backyard every few hours. 
Candace has to wear this year's version of the unitard, which is a clown suit unitard. 

So far, the target is Candace, and with this group, that'll stay that way unless someone decides to make a big move.

 Spencer is expected to go up in place of Jessie as of now. More later!

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The live big brother show just ended and we saw Howard evicted by a vote of 7-1. (Spencer voted for Candace)

The HOH Endurance competition is currently playing out on the live feeds. (Try them for free and watch it live)

As of now, everyone is still on the log. Spencer is having a very hard time breathing, Helen is struggling. McCrae and Andy are having the least amount of trouble.

And they start to fall:

Spencer is out.
Candace is out.
Helen is out.
Amanda is out.
Elissa is out.
Judd and Andy are out.

Still in the competition are Jessie, McCrae, Gina Marie.

Jessie, Gina Marie and McCrae all still in it.

Jessie is now out.

Gina Marie is trying everything to get McCrae to drop. He doesn't want too. (She's telling him how much she needs her hair dye and other things and telling him that he and Amanda will be safe. ) Right now, he's not interested in making a deal.

Gina Marie and McCrae--last two standing. Both are getting very tired.

McCrae is telling GM that she is safe if she drops. Gina Marie again repeats she needs her hair dye.
McCrae says she'll have no blood on her hands, but GM says she can't win the mental competitions and wants to win this physical one. She offers to let McCrae make one of her nominees if he drops.
McCrae tells her she can name both his nominees if she drops. She says no.

Both still going--

And McCrae falls off!

Gina Marie is the new HOH for the week. She's shocked and very excited and repeats "I love you guys so much" over and over.

Refresh for the latest update!

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Aaryn is back in the HOH room this week and so far, it's been a little crazy--not because of Aaryn though...mainly because no one can really figure out who MVP is and all feel vulnerable about going on the block.

Who was nominated? Howard and Spencer.
Who was the MVP nominee this week? Amanda
Who won POV? Spencer won
POV Ceremony Results: Spencer used the POV; Aaryn put Candace up.

So, Howard Candace or Amanda will be leaving this the moment it's still Howard that the house guests are hoping to evict. 

The pov ceremony will be held Monday and I'll update with the replacement nominee, although right now it looks like Candice will be going up in Spencer's place. So far....the house seems to be targeting Howard for eviction, but as always, it's early early in the week so we'll see. 

Amanda's been freaking out quite a bit since being put on the block --Howard has tried to make a case for staying by distancing himself from Candace----Helen has talked a little bit (with Elissa) about getting rid of Amanda, but she thinks it's too early to make that move.

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